Specialized Nimbus Armadillo

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Over 2000 miles of inner-city commuting without a single puncture...

The Specialized Nimbus Armadillo on our test bike did not puncture in over 18 months use - ridden almost every day for well over 2000 glass strewn miles.

A rusty 2 inch nail eventually beat it - we're thinking of having the nail framed!

The Specialized Nimbus Armadillo is not the lightest or toughest puncture resistant tyre on the market but it's a very good 'all-rounder'.
It offers great puncture resistance and it's not too heavy.

A tough nylon layer gives bead-to-bead protection (both tread and sidewalls) against punctures.

The Nimbus has a light grooved tread cut in an oddly attractive wavy pattern. It looks like it would perform as well on a touring bike as it does on an urban bike.

They are available for road (700C) and mountain bike (26 inch) wheels.

Fit Nimbus Armadillos and you won't be able to use punctures as an excuse for being late for work any more...

If you'd prefer a faster, narrower puncture resistant tyre - check out the Armadillo All-Conditions.

Or for an even more bomb-proof option than the Nimbus, check out Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres

Specialized Nimbus Armadillo Reviews - What the Buyers Say...

"Wouldn't buy anything else..."

"I don't bother avoiding broken glass with these..."

"Pulled out a small nail that was buried by about 1cm into the rear tyre and have had no puncture..."

Specialized Nimbus Armadillo Sizes

The Specialized Nimbus Armadillo are available in the following sizes...
700 x 28 (Weight 430g)
700 x 35 (Weight 630g)
700 x 38 (Weight 665g)
26 X 1.5 (Weight 665g)

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