Continental Sport Contact Tyres

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A Cycle-Courier Favourite...

The Continental Sport Contact is a favourite tyre amongst Cycle Couriers - a very demanding clientele...

It was also the tyre of choice for Guy Martin's record-breaking 112mph ride.

A Vectran cut resistant layer lies under the tread. Vectran is a manufactured fibre similar to Kevlar - it's stronger than steel and used to reinforce race cars and even NASA space systems.

Continental have been making bike tyres since 1871 and their rubber is used by many top riders. Including Bradley Wiggins...

Continental Sport Contact puncture resistant tyres are available in 700C & 26 inch (road and mountain bike) versions.

Our tester managed nearly 3 years of city commuting before getting a puncture.

Approximate weight is 500g - depending on size - not bad for such a robust tyre.

Continental Sport Contact Tyres Reviews - What the Buyers Say...

"...a lightweight tyre perfect for high speed on-road low rolling resistance action."

"Great value, tough and speedy - what more do you want?"

"I've dug out many pieces of deeply embedded glass etc that would definitely have gone through ordinary tyres, so very happy..."

Continental Sport Contact Tyres Sizes

The Continental Sport Contact Tyres are available in the following sizes...

700x28 (Weight 430g)
700x32 (Weight 480g)
700x37 (Weight 550g)
26 x 1.3 (Weight 450g)
26x1.6 (Weight 550g)

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