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Light, Fast & Puncture Resistant...

Continental have been making bike tyres since 1871! You'll see their rubber on many pro bikes... Including Sir Bradley's.

Continental Gator Skin tyres are both lightweight and puncture resistant.

Former British Champ Kristian Haus trains on them to avoid losing training time to punctures.

They grip very well - inspiring confidence on swooping descents through the narrow, twisting lanes of the Peak District.

Continental Gator Skins are faster and lighter than most puncture resistant bicycle tyres, but not quite as tough as some...

A dense, woven lightweight polyester puncture resistant layer sits under the tyre tread.
A Duramid mesh casing (similar to Kevlar) runs from bead to bead to protect your sidewalls from slashes.

We've had only one puncture in over 5000 miles of riding. A big thorn stabbed the sidewall on a quiet country lane strewn with hedge trimmings.

Some riders are luckier and cover many 1000's of miles without incident...

So if you want puncture protection and high performance then Continental Gatorskins are an excellent choice.

They are the lightest - and fastest rolling - puncture resistant bike tyre we've tested. Available in both mountain bike (26") and road bike (700C) versions.

Or, if you'd rather sacrifice a bit of speed to get more toughness, then check out Specialized Armadillo All Condition Tyres...

Continental GatorSkin Tyres Reviews - What the Buyers Say...

"Gatorskin's reputation speak for themselves..."

"Bullet proof and affordable training tyres..."

"Withstands the daily commute to work and performs well in the bunch ride..."

Continental GatorSkin Tyres Sizes and Weights

The Continental GatorSkin Tyres are available in the following sizes...

700x23 (Weight 280g)
700x25 (Weight 300g)
700x28 (Weight 320g)
26 x 1.2 (Weight 350g)

These weights are for the non-folding versions. The folding versions are lighter.

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