Puncture Resistant Bicycle Tyres

Puncture Resistant Bike Tyres - a Guide... Sick of Punctures Yet?

You're probably here because you've just had to fix another puncture...

You hate punctures.

We know how you feel - we hate punctures too...

We hated hearing that hissing sound - followed by the feel of the rim bumping along as the tyre goes down.

We really hated squatting in the muck - wrestling with an inner tube, some glue and a filthy tyre. In cold rain...

That's why we got out and about testing puncture resistant bike tyres - and now we've covered 1000's of puncture free miles!

All of the bicycle tyres featured here have been used, abused and approved by us.

So, if you are sick of punctures - fit any of these tyres and you can transform your cycling...

  • Spend less time fixing flat tyres!
  • Spend more time actually riding your bike!
  • What Makes a Puncture Resistant Tyre

    A puncture resistant bike tyre usually has an extra layer - tough and flexible - hidden away under the tread.

    This is often Kevlar or a close relative. e.g. Aramid or Duramid.

    This tough layer provides the puncture-protection - it also adds a bit of weight to the tyre.

    Choosing a Puncture Resistant Tyre

    Choosing your puncture resistant tyres will always be a compromise between weight and toughness.

    So, here are the answers to the 2 most commonly asked questions...

    The lightest and fastest we've tested are the Continental Gatorskins.

    The toughest were the Schwalbe Marathon Plus.

    Puncture Proof Bicycle Tyres?

    You'll notice we did not say puncture proof tyres!
    No pneumatic (air filled) bike tyres are completely immune from punctures - but if you read our tests you'll see we covered 1000's of puncture free miles on some of these tyres...

    Check them out... Don't wait until you get another puncture!

    P.S. If you can only afford one of these tyres - fit it to the back wheel.
    Back wheel punctures are much more hassle to deal with...